Sunday, November 9, 2014

Geek Fashion Show At Comikaze 2014

So I never post here.. I know that I should. but between school, the website I work for and all of the fun things I do this gets pushed back and I never do anything cool here.. So I'm gonna start putting in more effort and get this to being a regular thing.. because it hasn't been.. and I want to engage more with people on my stuffs and my love of geek.. so we shall start here today..

I was in a Geek Fashion Show at Comikaze.. It was a blast.. I enjoyed every moment of it.. Here are some fun pictures of me as the 11th doctor.

The clothing in my group was made by 1138 Clothing

You can find more pictures at G33kHQ or their website G33k-HQ

And you can learn more about the Geek Fashion Show at Geek Fashion Show

There are so many fabulous people who worked on the show and I enjoy all the work I get to do with it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MAC releases a Rocky Horror Collection

Rocky Horror entered my life 15 years ago.. It changed my life in lots of ways, from the friends I have made and the body confidence I found while attending. Though I rarely go nowadays, mostly just for special events and birthday shows, it has never left my heart. I am stoked that MAC is teaming up with the film for it's 40th Anniversary to do something that appeals to me in a giant way. I can tell you I will be buying most of this collection.

The Collection will hit stores and online on October 2nd.

The collection for MAC will feature a range of products including Lipsticks (hoping for the red to match the Science Fiction Double Feature Lips), Lip Pencils, a Shadow Palette, Powders, Blush, Liquid Eyeliner, Lashes, Glitter, and Pigment. With Columbia's outfit I can tell you there is no way they would leave out glitter for this collection.

Executive producer Lou Adler is stoked about the film’s 40th anniv, noting, “It is hard to believe it has been almost 40 years since we released The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but as we approach this milestone anniversary, the film is as outrageously entertaining and relevant as it ever was. It has certainly taken on a life of its own, and continues to transcend generations and hold a solid spot in pop culture year after year.”

I can't wait to get all of this collection. I am sure to grab the lipsticks, pigments, blush, powder and the palette. This is going to be an expensive collection for me. Now the chance is yours to finally strut your stuff in authentic Rocky Horror Makeup. Source:

Saturday, May 31, 2014

DVD/Blurays coming in June 2014

So here is a list of noteworthy DVDs and Blurays coming out in June 2014... There are more these are just the ones I am interested in.

Robocop the remake - June 3rd - I wanted to see this in theatres. I will admit I'm probably one of the few people that enjoys remakes, I like seeing things the way other people imagine them.

Small Time - June 3rd - Hadn't even heard of this but Christopher Meloni is in it that is all I need to know to rent it. It's a true story inspired Indie film.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 - June 3rd - I will admit this is one of my dirty little secret shows that I truly enjoy watching. I like the way the story is always trying to lead you in the wrong direction and that you truly (unless you read the books) have no idea who the bad guy is.. even now where it seems like they are spelling it out for you, tomorrow they could be proved wrong and starting all over. I love it.

True Blood Season 6 - June 3rd - Alexander Skarsgard is all I have to say.. Yes please, a million times..

Falling Skies Season 3 - June 3rd - All I have heard is good things about this show and I have yet to catch up with it.. so i have added it to my list of shows to watch soon.

300: Rise of an Empire - June 10th - Not the sequel to the first but another story about different characters. Again I must say Eva Green looks hot as hell in this film. Lots of actions and a little eye candy for everyone.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - June 10th - I enjoyed this film much more then the Bourne Identity Films. I really liked the acting and the story was interesting to watch.

The Lego Movie - June 17th - EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. I loved this film. I wasn't expecting too much and I really really enjoyed it. I will most likely buy this when it comes out. Normally the only films I buy are Disney movies or films I have seen multiple times or if I find the film super super cheap.

House of Cards Season 2 - June 17th - I love this show. I really enjoy watching political shows even though I am not political at all.

Orphan Black season 2 - June 24th - I haven't started this show but I have plans to watch it. It looks super interesting.

Lost Girl Season 4 - June 24th - I LOVE this show I also have crushes on the main two females so theres that. Great show in general.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Theatrical Releases in June 2014

So here are the films that are coming out in June 2014 that I will be seeing in theatres.

I only will not see 6 of the films coming out in June. I will see everything else.

Edge of Tomorrow - June 6th - This looks like an interesting sci fi film.. So I will definitely check it out.

The Fault in Our Stars - June 6th - I love chick flicks and I know I am gonna cry a lot.. so I will see it.

22 Jumpstreet - June 13th - I really loved the last one. It had me laughing so hard so hopefully this one will be just as funny.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 - June 13th - I haven't watched the first one yet, ut I plan on getting caught up before the movie comes out so I can enjoy it.

Jersey Boys - June 20th - I am a musical theatre geek... so I will definitely be seeing this. I can't wait.

Yves Saint Laurent (limited release) - June 25th - I am a makeup and fashion geek as well and I can't wait to see the story on YYves Saint Laurent

Transformers: Age of Extinction - June 27th - I haven't seen the last one but it will be an interesting new retelling I think. I love transformers have since I was a child.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition at FIDM

I had really really really wanted to see this exhibit but my time is never free it seems and then I realized if I didn't make time I would miss it. I ended up going on the very last day of the exhibit, sadly I have no photos of costumes because there was no photography in the exhibit.
There were costumes from Man of Steel, Star Trek Into Darkness, 42, Hansel and Gretel WitchHunters, Enders Game, 47 Ronin and so much more.
I can not wait until next year when the new exhibit shows up and comes in. I will definitely make time for it earlier in the exhibit. 
Getting to see the costumes up close is so awesome and seeing the material they are made of. I really want to make a Sif Cosplay and after seeing it up close I really really want to do it.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Injustice Gods Amoung Us Animated Harley Quinn

So I play far too much Injustice Gods Amoung Us on my phone. I was so excited when they added her to the game and bought her that day. Now I am working towards getting Michelle Pfiefer's Catwoman is next on the list and Challenge Packs for a chance at Batgirl who I missed during the last challenge

Friday, May 9, 2014

Geek shopping

While I was out shopping the other day I was bombarded with the coolest stuff so I took a bunch of pictures to show you guys all the cool stuff in stores right now.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gotham Trailer Are you ready for this?

So Fox got the rights to make Gotham a prequelesque show to Batman. They want to give each of the characters a backstory in a Smallville like way. I really have hope for this show. I love Batman with a huge passion.. There is Batman Memorabilia all over my house and I cosplay as so many different Batman characters. So here is the amazing trailer and check it out and tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you guys. Gotham Trailer

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The amazing spiderman 2 before

So I finally made it to the theatre. Been trying all week but to no avail. Now I have to wait another hour before the movie starts since I mistakenly thought that there was a regular showing at a 3D time. 
I have been looking forward to this film for a while because I really love all the superhero movies. So I promise to tell you all about my thoughts after the movie without any spoilers. See you guys soon. 


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Odd Thomas at the Redbox

So last night I decided it was a Redbox kind of night so I went and looked to see what they had. There were a few movies I had missed in theatres, but none of them were calling out to me. Then I saw Odd Thomas and laughed and knew that it was what I had to get.

A movie based off a Dean Koontz book, about a boy who sees the dead in a small town. It looked like a kooky story and definitely something I would enjoy while I was working.

The film starred Anton Yelchin as Odd Thomas, a boy who sees the dead and works with the local sheriff to solve crimes. When he sees that there is seriously something bad about to happen in his town he takes matters into his own hands to save the day.

I liked the story, I liked the characters. I enjoyed the plot and felt it ended in a way that was really well written.

It was a fun movie. This is a good way to spend some downtime if you are looking for something to entertain you. It's only $1.20 at Redbox, give it a try.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

New comics

So I picked up these comics last week. I'm a huge Zatanna fan and a Catwoman fan... Need to find a story to get caught up in.

Free Comic Book Day May 3rd

There is a fun event that happens once a year and a lot of comic book stores participate. Comic Book stores get the free comics for Free Comic Book Day to help bring interest to the world of comics. There are going to be about 60 different ones this year. I hope to get a few of them. I love comic books.. They are so much fun.

I will be at Phat Collectibles in La Habra all day in cosplay so if you live in the area come on by and say Hi.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DVD/Blurays coming out in May 2014

Here are all the interesting and noteworthy things coming out on DVD and Bluray for the month of May.

Veronica Mars - May 6th - The fan funded film is coming out on DVD. I never watched the series but I'm interested in seeing the series and the film because of how much love I see from the fans for it.

That Awkward Moment - May 13th - This Zac Efron film looks funny and entertaining and being a female in my 20's I admit I think he's kind of a hottie.

I'Frankenstein - May 13th - I am a little sad I didn't get the chance to get to the theatres to see this. I really like films like this I am definitely going to rent it when it hits Redbox.

Orange is the New Black Season 1 - May 13th - I loved the first season of this show so if you don't have netflix (wait there are people who still don't have netflix?) but if you don't you can rent this at your local Redbox and watch it at home and enjoy what is a well written show that isn't overly exploitive of woman. I wasn't certain I would like it but I did and now I am anxiously awaiting the next season.

Her - May 13th - again another film I didn't get to see in theatres mostly because those were some extremely busy months but I like the idea behind this film and all the emotions the man goes through. Interesting at least I hope. I will be renting it.

East Bound and Down season 4 - May 13th - I have to admit I LOVE Danny McBride. He makes me laugh so hard I don't know why he is just one of my favorite comedy actors so this is a must for me.

Vampire Academy - May 20th - I enjoyed this film, maybe because I enjoyed the books but it was interesting and kept my attention, very YA chick paranormal but not completely in a Twilight way (which I will not watch).

Warehouse 13 Season 5 - May 20th - I love this show and I am behind on it.. but I will be catching up on it very soon.. so I can't wait to get caught up. This is a fun show to watch just for all the cool things in the warehouses.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

May Theatrical Releases 2014

Here are some of the things coming out in the theatres in May 2014.

First and forth most:

The Amazing Spiderman 2 - May 2nd - For all of you not excited you should be. Have you seen all the villains. I am sooo excited.. Electro, Rhino, Oscorp.. showing off their plans... The six.. the six... the six... OMG.. I am very excited.

Neighbors - May 9th - I like the main actors in the film and it looks like it is going to be funny. So I am excited.

Godzilla - May 9th - I liked Godzilla.. he looks so cool, I am hoping it ends up being a better movie then the one that came out when I was younger.

Million Dollar Arm - May 9th - I like Baseball films, they remind me of my father who was at one time a minor league pitcher who's arm gave out on his chance at the majors.. so I love sharing his love of baseball with him. So I will see this one.

Xmen Days of Futures Past - May 16th - I love Xmen.. I am excited for this film. So yay this is next month.

Maleficent - May 21st - I love Disney movies, I hate Angelina Jolie so I am torn.. I know I know blasphemy. but I will end up seeing this because I love the character.

These are the films I will see in theatres in May. It will be a good month.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Fandom Friday : George R R Martin, before Game of Thrones

So I have loved George R R Martin since long before I started reading his Game of Thrones series back when there was still only one book in the series. My friend at the time and I would pick up books to read together and this is the book we decided on because he was the author of one of my favorite books.

George R R Martin was a writer on the new twilight zone and he was a writer for the Beauty and the Beast series that starred Ron Pearlman. If you haven't watched it.. go do that now :D.

What really made me fall in love with him was a book called Tuf Voyaging. Now if you know me then you know I am not that fond of space series, one of the main reasons I just couldn't get into Eve Online (well that and all the math).

Tuf Voyaging is a collection of short stories about Haviland Tuf, a tall, bald, vegetarian, cat loving space trader. Maybe one of the things that reeled me into the book was the cats. I love Cats so much.. You probably have seen enough pictures of my princess.

The book is out of print (or at least it was last time I went looking for it). I have my own hardcopy signed by GRRM that was given to me as a birthday present many years ago.

I am a fan of the Game of Thrones series (the books) and I haven't yet started the tv show even though I own seasons 1 and 2. I am just waiting for a day free to sit down and indulge.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Starting this back up

I used to try to write daily about geeky things but I could never keep up.. Now I am trying to start up again and stay on topic.. Show off my cosplays, and geeky events. I love geeky stuff, so you will get an ear full about all the cool geek stuff that I find in stores. So Welcome here and know I have a page on facebook all about my cosplaying so check that out.. or if you found me from there.. HIYA..

Things you will see here: Netflix reviews on movies, tv, and cartoons.Geeky events that i am apart of. Tv show reviews on shows I am watching, Comic book reviews when new comics come out, reviews on clothing when it stores start carrying fun clothing, when new toys come out to show new awesome toys, when interesting stories hit the internet I will give you my opinion on things, fun cosplayers and their cosplays, my cosplays both in progress and what is already done, jewelry and accessories i am making, and anything else that matches the geeky world.

Here's a picture of me this last weekend out of cosplay after a day of cosplay.