Thursday, April 24, 2014

Starting this back up

I used to try to write daily about geeky things but I could never keep up.. Now I am trying to start up again and stay on topic.. Show off my cosplays, and geeky events. I love geeky stuff, so you will get an ear full about all the cool geek stuff that I find in stores. So Welcome here and know I have a page on facebook all about my cosplaying so check that out.. or if you found me from there.. HIYA..

Things you will see here: Netflix reviews on movies, tv, and cartoons.Geeky events that i am apart of. Tv show reviews on shows I am watching, Comic book reviews when new comics come out, reviews on clothing when it stores start carrying fun clothing, when new toys come out to show new awesome toys, when interesting stories hit the internet I will give you my opinion on things, fun cosplayers and their cosplays, my cosplays both in progress and what is already done, jewelry and accessories i am making, and anything else that matches the geeky world.

Here's a picture of me this last weekend out of cosplay after a day of cosplay.

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