Saturday, April 26, 2014

May Theatrical Releases 2014

Here are some of the things coming out in the theatres in May 2014.

First and forth most:

The Amazing Spiderman 2 - May 2nd - For all of you not excited you should be. Have you seen all the villains. I am sooo excited.. Electro, Rhino, Oscorp.. showing off their plans... The six.. the six... the six... OMG.. I am very excited.

Neighbors - May 9th - I like the main actors in the film and it looks like it is going to be funny. So I am excited.

Godzilla - May 9th - I liked Godzilla.. he looks so cool, I am hoping it ends up being a better movie then the one that came out when I was younger.

Million Dollar Arm - May 9th - I like Baseball films, they remind me of my father who was at one time a minor league pitcher who's arm gave out on his chance at the majors.. so I love sharing his love of baseball with him. So I will see this one.

Xmen Days of Futures Past - May 16th - I love Xmen.. I am excited for this film. So yay this is next month.

Maleficent - May 21st - I love Disney movies, I hate Angelina Jolie so I am torn.. I know I know blasphemy. but I will end up seeing this because I love the character.

These are the films I will see in theatres in May. It will be a good month.

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