Saturday, May 31, 2014

DVD/Blurays coming in June 2014

So here is a list of noteworthy DVDs and Blurays coming out in June 2014... There are more these are just the ones I am interested in.

Robocop the remake - June 3rd - I wanted to see this in theatres. I will admit I'm probably one of the few people that enjoys remakes, I like seeing things the way other people imagine them.

Small Time - June 3rd - Hadn't even heard of this but Christopher Meloni is in it that is all I need to know to rent it. It's a true story inspired Indie film.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 - June 3rd - I will admit this is one of my dirty little secret shows that I truly enjoy watching. I like the way the story is always trying to lead you in the wrong direction and that you truly (unless you read the books) have no idea who the bad guy is.. even now where it seems like they are spelling it out for you, tomorrow they could be proved wrong and starting all over. I love it.

True Blood Season 6 - June 3rd - Alexander Skarsgard is all I have to say.. Yes please, a million times..

Falling Skies Season 3 - June 3rd - All I have heard is good things about this show and I have yet to catch up with it.. so i have added it to my list of shows to watch soon.

300: Rise of an Empire - June 10th - Not the sequel to the first but another story about different characters. Again I must say Eva Green looks hot as hell in this film. Lots of actions and a little eye candy for everyone.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - June 10th - I enjoyed this film much more then the Bourne Identity Films. I really liked the acting and the story was interesting to watch.

The Lego Movie - June 17th - EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. I loved this film. I wasn't expecting too much and I really really enjoyed it. I will most likely buy this when it comes out. Normally the only films I buy are Disney movies or films I have seen multiple times or if I find the film super super cheap.

House of Cards Season 2 - June 17th - I love this show. I really enjoy watching political shows even though I am not political at all.

Orphan Black season 2 - June 24th - I haven't started this show but I have plans to watch it. It looks super interesting.

Lost Girl Season 4 - June 24th - I LOVE this show I also have crushes on the main two females so theres that. Great show in general.

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