Thursday, January 10, 2013

Upcoming Movies Im excited about :)

There are so many funny movies, dramas and action films coming out that I am looking forward too. So Im gonna do this once a month.. and let you know what films coming out in the next 30 days I am interested in.

In no particular order.. just as I see to list them.

1. Gangster Squad - comes out Jan 11th and it looks good. Tell me no girl can turn down a Ryan Gosling film.

2. Movie 43 -comes out Jan 25th looks stupid but I like the raunchy stupid films, like Scary Movie.. and look at the cast.. come on now.. at least see it for the cast.

3. Hansel and Gretel Witchhunters - comes out Jan 25th and totally my kind of film. Tight leather catsuits and action surrounding fairy tales. Yep I'll be there.

4. Broken City - comes out Jan 18th and definitely looks interesting. I love Russel Crowe so I will probably see it for that fact.

5. Baytown Outlaws - comes out Jan 11th and looks like fun. Love those action films.

6. Parker - comes out Jan 25th and stars Jason Statham. Need I say more.

7. Zero Dark Thirty - comes out Jan 11 and I will see it only because of the high approval of everybody, but not my type of film.

8. A Haunted House - comes out Jan 11th and same reason as Movie 43 I love stupid movies.

9. Warm Bodies - comes out February 1st and I liked the book can't wait for the movie.

10. Bullet to the Head - comes out February 1st its Stallone and action.

11. Stand Up Guys - comes out Feb 1st and it has Christopher Walken. Must see.

12. A Glimpse into the Mind of Charles Swan III - comes out Feb 8th and stars Bill Murray and Charlie Sheen. I am in love with Charlie Sheen, so yeah its happening.

13. Side Effects - comes out February 8th and stars Channing Tatum.

14. Indentity Thief - comes out Feb 8th and looks incredibly funny.

Now this is just mainstream movies I am looking at.. I might make a list of artsy type films.. but I rarely catch them until they are on dvd.

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