Thursday, January 3, 2013

Les Miserables a review

Now I am a musical theatre fanatic and more then that I love Les Mis. It is a great musical, the score is amazing and I love so many of the songs. So I was a bit hesitant when I heard the movie was being made, because so many things can go wrong, but in truth so far I have really liked all the movie versions of musicals I have seen, so I don't know where the fear comes from.

Of course Hugh Jackman is great in the film. Playing our lead and man can you hear the power in his voice. He may not be my favorite in the film but he does do a great job. Then Anne Hathaway blows us away with her tearful and emotional I Dreamed a Dream. She really is up and coming and will probably be in more musicals if she gets the chance. I enjoyed Russel Crowe even though of the bunch he is the least seasoned singer, but he puts his all into the performance and in my opinion does a grand job.

I loved the settings, the characters that each individual actor brought to life. With the movie being shot with live singing that definitely added to it and made it more a musical then the standard movie musical.

If you like musicals go see it. It is worth the money and the time spent.

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