Thursday, December 15, 2011


While everyone listens to music on their Ipods, I'm part of the small percentage that owns a Zune. I also own an Ipod Nano, 16 GB Ipod, and a Iphone, but unless I've lost the charging cord for my Zune, you'll find me rocking out to music on my light pink Limited Edition Zune with pink M&M's earbuds. Yes I'm a girl, get over it :)

I have loved my Zune since the day I found it waiting for me behind the counter at the horrible Gamestop, I only walk into because I can't not look at all the games I want to buy. My Zune has become my central music piece and replaced the likes of any of my Apple products for so many reasons. It's an amazing player and I love that I've owned it for about 5 years now and it still works as well as the day it came out of the box. The biggest reason of course other than its incredibly long life is I don't have to deal with Itunes. Now I'm not saying that the Zune Marketplace is amazing, because honestly I've never used it. I buy CD's and MP3's off amazon and from record stores. I don't like the way Itunes is set up, I don't like how slow it runs when your collection gets up there in songs.

Music is like my lifeblood. You rarely find me without some sort of music, my kindle even has like 15 albums on it.

I love that the Zune has a radio. Which other people may not be interested in, but one of my biggest hobbies is "winning" and radio contests are great for that. (maybe I'll write a post about that later on.)

I love, love, love the lock at the top. It keeps me from accidentally changing the song and saves battery life. I think it's the most intelligent thing they thought to add to it, that rises it above the Ipod or any other MP3 device. The Zune also pauses when you pull out the earphones which I do constantly from it getting caught on something because I'm not paying attention.

I like the ease with which I can choose which music I want on my player without having too much trouble and the syncing doesn't take all day like with the Ipod and Itunes.

My Zune has been a rock. It's a first generation back before colors, when Pink was still a limited edition and crazy expensive. It has outlasted all my other MP3 players, including my first Ipod bought around the same time.

I don't know what I'd do without it. Someday I will buy another one and when I do I will give this one the send off it deserves because it's lasted me so long, provided me comfort during sad times, music to dance to, music to vent and cry to, songs to laugh to and has lived through the best and worst days of the last 5 years.

For this I say.

Yay ZUNE!!


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