Friday, December 23, 2011

Lost Girl Season 1

When this show originally aired I skipped watching it because I thought it was something completely different and already had a full plate of other tv shows I watch. (I am a tv fanatic, you can catch my tv blog where I try to keep you up to date with everything in the tv would. ) So when someone finally convinced me to watch the first episode the series was already 9 episodes in and I was hooked and watched all 9 episodes that day.

The basis for the show is a succubus on the run from her life accidentally stumbles on the supernatural world. They help her discover what she is and show her about the opposing factions of Light and Dark Fae. She learns of the centuries old war and wants nothing to do with it. She is just in search of her mother since she comes across a Fae that tells her she is alive. The first season really focuses on Bo (Anna Silk) search to find her mother and learn of her origins.

Both Bo and her human friend Kenzie are Hot. At least in my opinion, along with her werewolf/police officer love interest.

The show is so much fun. We see all the different types of paranormal creatures and mythology that the writers can think of and twist.

Season 2 is coming to a close now and I'm slightly behind. I do though HIGHLY RECOMMEND catching this series. You can find it on Showcase Canada and on Syfy.

I really love the rise in paranormal shows because they work outside our box of reality and give us some fun fantasy to enjoy for a half an hour to an hour at a time.

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