Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Parker a review

Now if you are a Jason Statham fan. You are in for a fun treat with this one. I really dug it. I like him in almost everything he does. He's funny and an action star what more do you need really. Right? He Also almost always plays a good guy, I love that even though he's a tough guy he always is trying to do the right thing.

So this film is about a thief Parker (Jason Statham) is left for dead by a gang of thiefs after a big heist and goes to seek out vengence on the team and to get his cut. He befriends Jennifer Lopez. Together they work trying to get his money back and get her set up again since her life is pretty much in shambles.

The movie has a cast of colorful characters including Nick Nolte, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Statham, and more. I really thought everyone did a pretty good job. The film was enjoyable and fun. Lots of action. This is definitely a must see for action fans.

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