Monday, February 11, 2013

Movie 43 a reivew

I decided to take a chance on this film the other day because there was nothing else in theatres that i had either not seen or wanted to see. So I took a chance.. and it was ... n't really funny at all. I mean it was just in the fact that all the high powered actors were willing to act totally nuts and crazy with a film.

I will say that the funniest scene was the beginning one with Hugh Jackman. I laughed a lot. Seeing him with a set of nuts on his neck was more then funny. But from there the scenes just seemed more and more like the writers were trying too hard to be funny and just weren't. I was sad I was hoping that it would be funnier but you can't always tell with film like these. So the verdict is.. if you see it on cable maybe check it out if you have nothing else to do, but other then that I'd say take a pass.

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