Thursday, January 19, 2012

Underworld Awakening IMAX 3D

So I saw the midnight screening tonight of Underworld Awakening. I absolutely adore Kate Beckinsale and find her tempting and hot in that smoking black patent leather catsuit and corset.

I loved the movie but then I loved the three that preceded it. I was happy with this action in the film and with the direction they took the movie. Sometimes franchises lose steam after a third film, but this one kept on trucking and in my opinion holds up well against the 2nd and 3rd films.

I was overly excited when I saw who was in the film. I love Kris Holden-Reid. He plays a werewolf cop in Lost Girl. So I jumped for joy when I saw he was in the cast. I also was happy to see India Eisley from The Secret Life of an American Teenager.

As you may know the film was released in IMAX 3D. Being the fan I am I couldn't deny myself the complete experience being offered here. Unfortunately, I'm pretty damn well blind in my left eye, so I don't think I was able to really soak in the full effect. Nevertheless it still impressed.

I can't wait for a 5th installment. I love the series and love Kate. I say bring on more.

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