Monday, June 25, 2012

The Comeback

I had given up writing on this blog because I was writing for another geeky blog and I just didn't think I would have enough to talk about.. but I have decided that I really like talking about my geeky stuff and on my free days I should be doing the things I love so here I am.

More so I am here and on facebook and on youtube. The video will be up and running in like an hour. Probably actually already up by the time you or anyone is reading this.

Comic Con SDCC is in 16 days and I have been doing the happy dance for a month now since I got my Pro pass approved. I think everyone at my work thought I won the lottery when I screamed because I saw the text message from the editor of the blog I write for who so graciously helped me get my pass. <3

So now to talk about the fact that I will be dressing up for Comic Con every single day. First day I will be running around as the pink ranger :) Yay I loved the tv series as a kid. Spent some of my evenings with the Green/white ranger after some of the days they filmed. I even went to the premiere of the first film. So yeah it is my thank you in a sexy form for making my childhood brighter. Also for teaching me girls could be anything they wanted to be ... like a kickass fighter in spandex. :D

The next two decided cosplay outfits are Poison Ivy and Raven from Teen Titans with my own spins. Not certain if I am going to do a one piece or 2 piece for Ivy.. I need help so if you got an idea please tell me :)

Still have two costumes completely undecided and thinking on them right now.. hopefully will figure them out before the free days of costume sewing take place.

So babe's be on the look out for more posts here and for posts on my facebook and videos on youtube.

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